Health, Environment and Safety Policy (HES)


The safety of all The Subsidiary employees and our contractors is a priority in our operations and we emphasize prevention of accidents.

All employees are encouraged and empowered to contribute to continuous improvement in the performance of Health, Occupational Safety and Environmental care (HES) through the proactive use of risk management practices in everyday activities.

The Subsidiary operates in an environmentally responsible manner, following good practices and compliance with laws and regulations.

HES Management System in The Subsidiary is applied continuously and systematically in order to promote sustainable development and profitable growth.


We strive to reduce health, safety and environment risk in our operations to ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable).

Our overall goals are operations without accidents and no harm to people or environmental damage.


Health, Occupational Safety and Environmental is a management responsibility. Excellence in HES performance not only requires technically sound plants and equipment but also committed leadership, competent people, proactive HES culture and high HES awareness.

In all our operations The Subsidiary is committed to:

  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulation of Argentina, corporate standards and all voluntary commitment and respect local culture and customs.
  • Perform Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment under the procedures of the company and the applicable local regulations. No activity is so important that it cannot be done safely.
  • Ensure that all our employees and contractors are informed and trained according to HES requirements and competences that apply to their activities.
  • Ensure active involvement and visible leadership of Management and responsible and conscious behavior in HES issues of all our employees and contractors.
  • Develop activities avoiding environmental pollution, protecting the environment and fostering conservation and rational use of natural resources while working towards continuous improvement by optimizing its management system to improve environmental performance.
  • Plan and design our facilities and operations in compliance with legal and corporate standards and requirements in order to prevent pollution and conduct safe operations.
  • Ensure that the practices and procedures that apply to our contractors in HES area are consistent with HES The Subsidiary Policy and HES Management System requirements (HES-MS).
  • Empower employees and contractors to intervene and stop activities that represent a significant threat to personnel safety or the possibility of severe pollution to the environment.
  • Maintain open communication and exchange of information with regulatory authorities, partners, suppliers, neighbors, and public interest groups.
  • Report all incidents and near misses and develop the required investigations, in order to identify root causes and prevent recurrences.
  • Regularly verify and audit that HSE-MS Management System effectiveness and strive for continuous improvement.
  • Regularly measure and report HSE performance.
  • Evaluate the context issues that require an agile and dynamic response from The Subsidiary to adapt its HES-MS system to the changing environmental conditions.
  • Strive for Sustainable Development.
  • The Subsidiary is committed to systematically manage risks and work on continuous improvement to provide a system that protects the health and safety of our employees and contractors, operating its facilities in a responsible manner.