A Thorough Approach to Corporate Governance is an important responsibility at CGC. Our governance policies and structure provide a strong framework for accountability and effective operations. They also provide assurance that we are ethical and transparent across all of our business endeavors. The Board of Directors sets high standards for its officers and directors. Implicit in this philosophy is the importance of sound corporate governance. Additionally, we take seriously our commitment to maintain our core values of integrity and trust, and open communication in all of our business activities. We have structured our organization to reflect our commitment to sound governance.

To that end, we are working in a Corporate Governance Code to put into effect corporate governance best practices, which are based on strict standards regarding transparency, efficiency, ethics, investor protection and equal treatment of investors. The Corporate Governance Code will follow the guidelines established by the CNV. We are also working in a Code of Ethics designed to establish guidelines with respect to professional conduct, morals and employee performance.

Our corporate governance documents will reflect our commitment to maintaining the trust and confidence of shareholders, employees, customers, vendors, other stakeholders and other people with whom we do business. The governance documents and committee charters will provide the framework for our corporate governance and the related oversight by our Board of Directors and its committees.